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How to benefit as a translator or interpreter

What can you do right now to benefit? If you have any interest at all in meeting clients via, we need you to fill out your profile.

The opportunities that have arisen so far from our client marketing initiative call for specialists, often within a given area. This means that even as a routine job gets multiple quotes, large, highly desirable clients are struggling to find the specialists they truly need.

If you are interested in opportunities to meet a premium type of client, you must indicate your fields of specialization, where you live, your native languages, how you can be contacted, and other critical data. Without this type of data, you will have no opportunity to be considered, or even hear about, the premium opportunities at

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How to benefit as an outsourcer

If you are an outsourcer looking for a fast and easy way to source the best translators for your premium opportunities, please click here to learn how to outsource via Connect!